Connect the #dot's, and go SIM-less!

#dot:dot is a software solution that builds a WiFi, ad-hoc, meshed network between pocket-size electronic boards called #dot's. No infrastructure. No supervision. No subscription.

When powered on, the #dot's spontaneously find one another and establish local routing tables without human intervention. They create an ambient off-grid WiFi network and private data transfer.
#dot:dot turns any crowd - car, bicycle or scooter fleet, human crowd or animal herd, ...etc - into a monetizable private network: the crowd becomes a mesh, and can propagate a WiFi signal everywhere the crowd is present, including in mobile white zones (underground, tunnels, narrow streets, countryside...).

The #dot:dot app enables "walkie-talkie" type connectivity (aka "off-grid") between the nodes of the crowd, without mobile or internet connexion. It also enables connectivity to any WiFi gateway (public hotspot, home WiFi...), transforming the crowd into a massive WiFi repeater at no mobile cost.

Stop paying monthly subscriptions for your local network! Cut the mobile costs of your fleet *and* generate incremental revenue!

Connect the #dot's and go SIM-less!

WiFi Repeater

At home, in the office building, in the library, in the lab or even outdoor, take a #dot device in your pocket, and just carry WiFi with you!

Viral FOTA

Car FOTA via mobile connectivity is a dead end from a cost standpoint! See how you can create your own mesh network and go SIM-less!


Equip your car fleet with #dot's, and build a private network with no SIM card! Reduce your maintenance costs and create new lines of revenue with extra connected services!

Upon switching them on, the #dot nodes spontaneously scan their neighborhood and connect dynamically to one another, to form an ambient WiFi network (SSID = "#dot:dot") detectable with a smartphone or computer.
This #dot:dot WiFi network is a private and protected network that can be used for local data transfer, e.g. for military operations. Via the #dot:dot app, one can further connect the #dot:dot WiFi network to any gateway: public hotspot, home WiFi, shared mobile connexion... by providing the #dot:dot network with the relevant SSID and password of the gateway. Once connected to a gateway, all #dot nodes give access to the internet.

WiFi Repeater image
The wireless update of connected vehicles (or "FOTA", for Firmware Over-The-Air) is a dead end! Due to the exponential growth of data volumes, it is estimated that, by 2030, the Cost of updating a car will surpass the cost of the energy to move the car!

By equipping your fleet with #dot's, firmware updates are done from car-to-car via the #dot:dot mesh network. No SIM card. No infrastructure. No subscription. We name this "viral FOTA", which brings an immediate decrease in TCO at the once-off expense of a few #dot's!
Viral FOTA image
#dot:dot sélectionnée dans les gagnants de l'Opération i-Naval 2022

#dot:dot sélectionnée dans les gagnants de l'Opération i-Naval 2022


#dot:dot a été retenue dans le scénario de simulation "Réponse à une cyber-attaque" de l'opération #iNaval de la DGA - Direction Générale de l'Armement, comme Réseau Tactique d'Opérations Déployable !

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#dot:dot wins Data & AI innovation award at "#10000Startups to Change the World"

#dot:dot wins Data & AI innovation award at "#10000Startups to Change the World"


Le Prix 10.000 startups pour changer le monde, organisé par La Tribune, a récompensé à Lyon #dot:dot dans la catégorie "Data & IA". #dot:dot est une startup Grenobloise spécialisée dans les réseaux mesh WiFi.

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#dot:dot selected for stage 2 at the "5G Turbo" accelerator by EIT Urban Mobility

#dot:dot selected for stage 2 at the "5G Turbo" accelerator by EIT Urban Mobility


Following the Demo Days in Vigo, #dot:dot is selected to go on EIT Urban Mobility #5GturboAccelerator stage 2! It was a great event, thank you CTAG – Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia, EIT Urban Mobility, CARNET and NextMove!

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#dot:dot selected in the "5G Turbo Accelerator" by EIT Urban Mobility

#dot:dot selected in the "5G Turbo Accelerator" by EIT Urban Mobility


#dot:dot is today in Vigo for the Demo Days of the #5GTurbo Accelerator of EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a pan-European partnership bringing together businesses, education, research excellence institutions and multifaceted cities on the topic of #urbanmobility.

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