Connect the #dot's, and go SIM-less!

What is #dot:dot?...

#dot:dot is a mobile ad-hoc meshed network.
No infrastructure. No supervision. It turns any crowd into a private mobile network!

Without any intervention, the #dot devices spontaneously connect to one another.
They create an ambient WiFi network enabling off-grid (SIM-less) private data transfer.

You may connect your #dot:dot network to an external WiFi gateway (home WiFi, public WiFi, hotspot...) and bring internet connexion to all #dot nodes at the same time! including in dead mobile zones.

As #dot's move and connexions between some of them are lost, the #dot:dot network self-heals to optimize throughput in a totally seamless manner.

Stop squeezing yourself where there is WiFi! Connect the #dot's and bring WiFi where you are!


Connect the #dot's and go SIM-less!

WiFi Repeater

At home, in the office building, in the lab or even outdoor, take a #dot device in your pocket, and just carry WiFi with you!

Viral FOTA

Car FOTA via mobile connectivity is a dead end from a cost standpoint! See how you can create your own mesh network and go SIM-less!


Equip your car fleet with #dot's, and build a private network with no SIM card! Reduce your maintenance costs and create new lines of revenue with extra connected services!

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