Connect the #dot's, and go SIM-less!

#dot:dot is a software solution that builds a WiFi, ad-hoc, meshed network between pocket-size electronic boards called #dot's. No infrastructure. No supervision. No subscription.

When powered on, the #dot's spontaneously find one another and establish local routing tables without human intervention. They create an ambient off-grid WiFi network and private data transfer.
#dot:dot turns any crowd - car, bicycle or scooter fleet, human crowd or animal herd, ...etc - into a monetizable private network: the crowd becomes a mesh, and can propagate a WiFi signal everywhere the crowd is present, including in mobile white zones (underground, tunnels, narrow streets, countryside...).

The #dot:dot app enables "walkie-talkie" type connectivity (aka "off-grid") between the nodes of the crowd, without mobile or internet connexion. It also enables connectivity to any WiFi gateway (public hotspot, home WiFi...), transforming the crowd into a massive WiFi repeater at no mobile cost.

Stop paying monthly subscriptions for your local network! Cut the mobile costs of your fleet *and* generate incremental revenue!

Connect the #dot's and go SIM-less!

WiFi Repeater

At home, in the office building, in the library, in the lab or even outdoor, take a #dot device in your pocket, and just carry WiFi with you!

Viral FOTA

Car FOTA via mobile connectivity is a dead end from a cost standpoint! See how you can create your own mesh network and go SIM-less!


Equip your car fleet with #dot's, and build a private network with no SIM card! Reduce your maintenance costs and create new lines of revenue with extra connected services!

WiFi RepeaterWiFi RepeaterWiFi Repeater
Upon switching them on, the #dot nodes spontaneously scan their neighborhood in search for peers to connect to: without any human intervention, they connect to one another dynamically, and form an ambient WiFi network detectable with a smartphone or computer.
This #dot:dot WiFi network is - by construction - NOT connected to the internet: it is a private and protected network that can be used for local data transfer, e.g. for military operations.
Via the #dot:dot app, one can further connect the #dot:dot WiFi network to any gateway: public hotspot, home WiFi, shared mobile connexion... by providing the #dot:dot network with the relevant SSID and password of the gateway. Once connected to a gateway, all #dot nodes give access to the internet.

Viral FOTAViral FOTAViral FOTA
The wireless update of connected vehicles (or "FOTA", for Firmware Over-The-Air) is both the quintessence and Achilles' heel of connected vehicles: the exponential growth of data volumes from 2025 onwards makes these updates is such that the cost of data to update vehicles will surpass the cost of the energy to move said vehicles!
#dot:dot brings an immediate solution to this data scale up problem: #dot equipped vehicles transfer firmware updates directly to their neighbors through the #dot:dot WiFi network and - step by step - perform a complete update of a fleet of vehicles without using the mobile network = without data subscription. The updates spread between vehicles like a virus, hence the name "viral FOTA" given to this service.

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